Unsolicited testimonials for Photo-Eraser

Here are a few of the testimonials we received during February, 2019:

"After using Photo-Saver, I found myself kinda nervous as to how much information seemed to be left on my cards. Boy, am I glad I found this tool. I tried Photo-Saver afterward and it couldn't find a thing. Well done and please use this as a testimonial"
Linda Harling, Denver, lindyha*****@aol.com

"Very, very pleased with this purchase. I did try [competitor's product] first but it worked nowhere near as well. Thanks for letting me know about this neat product!"
Bretton Norwood, brett****@gmail.com

"My friend and I recovered some old photos from a digital camera over the weekend and didn't realize how much junk was still stored on the memory card... even after you've formatted it. We used Photo-Eraser to get rid of it and I'm so pleased. Some of the stuff wasn't quite public domain!!"
S***** T******, B*********, Nottingham, UK

"Perfect piece of software. What a genuinely good idea!"
Joan Williams, joan@will****.wanadoo.co.uk

"I'm very security conscious and never even realized that memory cards and digital cameras had such inherent 'security flaws.' I've bought my copy and I'm very happy with it too. Please use this as a testimonial on your page!"
Lori Stevenson, lmbsteve440@***.com

"Hi from Down Under! Writing to you to thank you for this great idea. As a long term customer I'd like for you to put my quote on your page and tell people on my behalf that this software not only works, but you NEED it. I'm reading more and more privacy stories these days. With Photo-Eraser, you guys are way ahead of your time. Just ... BUY IT!!"
Joe Flack, QLD, Australia

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Approximately �9.95 or 10.95 Euros

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