Secure Format with Photo-Eraser - FAQ

This page contains common and answers for Photo-Saver, the only tool that promises to wipe your memory card clean for good!

Q. What is Photo-Eraser?

A. Photo-Eraser is the world's leading memory card eraser. It can securely wipe ANY memory card clean, ensuring that no-one can EVER recover any photo from the card again... even if they use a professional recovery tool, such as Photo-Saver.

Q. Why do I need Photo-Eraser?

A. Deleting photos from your memory card doesn't mean they're gone. Even FORMATTING your memory card doesn't remove your private images. Your photos are STILL recoverable using a simple recovery tool, such as Photo-Saver.

As news stories of photo theft become more commonplace, individuals need to start protecting themselves from prying eyes -- nosy family members, thieves, print shop staff.

With Photo-Eraser, it's as simple as 1-2-3.

Photo-Eraser processes your memory card bit-by-bit, ensuring every last drop of data is erased thoroughly using the latest in data deletion techniques.

Q. Will Photo-Eraser work on my PC?

A. YES! Photo-Eraser works on ANY version of Windows. There are no minimum system requirements.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of cards I can clean?

A. NO. With Photo-Eraser, you can wipe as many cards clean as you wish - unlike rival software tools, there's NO expiry date, NO subscription to pay, and we DON'T charge you per clean.

Q. Are there any hidden royalty fees?

A. NO. We don't believe in hidden charges. With us you pay a one-time fee and that's it. Full stop!

Q. Tell me more about your 100% guarantee!

A. We guarantee that Photo-Eraser will wipe your card clean and that NO data recovery tool will be able to recover your image. If you prove us wrong, we'll give you a full refund PLUS $100.

Please see our guarantee page.

Q. Do I receive support for my purchase?

A. Yes, our team are always on hand to help out. You can receive support for Photo-Eraser via our dedicated support center online at

Q. Can I order a version on CD?

A. Absolutely. The CD version comes with FREE shipping to anywhere in the world for just an extra $15. You can order Photo-Eraser on CD-ROM by clicking here.

February offer: $14.97!
Approx �9.95 or 10.95 Euros

Software INSTANTLY downloadable.

If Photo-Eraser doesn't work for you, we'll refund your original order...

PLUS give you $100!

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Approximately �9.95 or 10.95 Euros

100% RISK-FREE: We GUARANTEE to erase your memory card 100%... or your money back + $100!
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